Red/White/Blue Dry Brushing

Here's an easy dry brushing manicure using the classic red, blue, and white shades.

Can we appreciate the architecture of the Sagrada Familia church designed by Gaudi in Barcelona, Spain? The inside is even more mind blowing! Ok, the nails are out of focus, but we can focus on the background this time!

For the base, I was trying out the polishes by Collistar and Wycon. 

The red polish by Wycon was an one-coat-wonder! Very smooth and pigmented!

On the white nails, I started dry brushing using the same red polish in vertical and horizontal directions.

Then I repeated the dry brushing using a blue polish by Kiko. I did it messily to create an effortless graffiti look. After applying top coat and we are done!

Polishes Used:
Red - Wycon
Blue - Kiko
White - Collistar

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