Purple Plastic Bag Dry Marble

Here's a quick dry marble manicure using the plastic bag technique!

I wore this during my stay in Venice, Italy! Here's a pic of the mani with the pistachio gelato I was having by a small canal in Venice.

The purple was a new polish I got from Kiko, an Italian brand. I was surprised by the great quality yet affordable price of these polishes from the brand! They apply so smooth and creamy without streaks!

On the rest of the nails, I had a cream white and a light purple color by Julep.

For the dry marble look, I put a few drops of black, purple, and white polishes on the cream colored nail. Then I lightly pressed on the drops using a plastic wrap to mesh the polishes together. And VOILA! We have got a quick marble look here!

Polishes Used:
Light Purple, White - Julep
Purple, Black - Kiko
Plastic Bag

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