Purple and Pink Bubble Nails

When I first got the Tarte's Tartelette In Bloom eyeshadow palette I knew right away that I would have to do a nailart on this! This palette is great by the way. It is smooth, pigmented, and easy to blend! Everything that I need from an eyeshadow palette!

For the base, I used a nude pink and a fuchsia colored polish.

I then decided to make the gradient watercolor look by using the cotton buds technique for the bubble nails effect.

First, I dabbed the pink polish on the nude pink nails. Before they dry, I then used a Q-tip cotton to soak up the center of the polish drop, leaving a rim of color and a faded center.

Then, I simply repeated these steps using other colors and making a gradient effect from pink to darker purple towards the nail tips. And applied top coat at the end then we are done!

Products Used:
Pink - Zoya
Nude - Deborah Lippmann
Fuchsia, Purple - Julep
Cotton Sticks

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