Newspaper Nails!

I have seen this newspaper print nailart on social media quite a lot and I wanted to try it out myself! It was actually super easy to do. Let's start!

I cut out some small pieces of black text actually from some flyers I have laying around. 

Then I simply put the piece of paper into water to soak. I have seen some other nailart tutorials using alcohol but I found plain water works just fine!

Using a light polish as base color is preferred so the newspaper text can show up easier. I painted my nails using a baby blue polish.

After soaking the newspaper piece for about 10 seconds, I took it out and simple pressed the side of the text onto the nail. I held it there for about 5 seconds to check and the text print was transferred onto the nail! It was quite impressive how easy it transferred!

I repeated the same steps for the rest of the nails. You can overlap the text and repress on the same nail if you want more text print on one nail. And that is it! Top coat and we are done! Simple right?

Polish Used:
Julep - Jessica

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