Jade Honeycomb Glitter

For this manicure, I was experimenting with some glitter flakes. I have quite a few types of these glitter and I need to play with them more!

For the base, I used a deep grey and a metallic jade green on the 4th finger.

I then placed the glitter flakes on the 2nd finger one by one and filling the entire nail. I also added some on the middle finger and pinky. This took a little while to place. I first painted some clear polish on the nail then I used a dotting tool to pick up one flake at a time to place it on.

The glitter I used was actually light blue in color. However, when placed over the dark grey they look like a jewel toned green! At the end, I painted a thick layer of top coat over everything to make sure they last long and do not have corners sticking out!

Products Used:
Dark Grey - Julep
Metallic Green - Butter London
Glitter Flakes

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