Demeter Fragrance Mixing Kit

Disclaimer: The products featured were provided for review. Thank you Demeter Fragrance Library and Canadian Beauty Bloggers for the opportunity to create a personal perfume!

I received a cool fragrance mixing kit by Demeter with 3 scents that I picked before hand. The Foolproof Blending Trio kit allows you to blend, bottle, and design the label of your own custom fragrance! I have learnt from Demeter Fragrance Library's website that each of their fragrance has a single note and is simple so you can blend them with others to create your own unique scent with your favorite top, middle, and bottom notes.

My picks for the Trio include Gin & Tonic, Salt Air, and Jasmine. I have always love jasmine scent so I had to get it. For the other 2, they sound very unique and I never have a fragrance smelling like those therefore I picked them! Each of them is 30 ml in volume. They are actually quite lovely on their own and I would totally wear them separately but I couldn't wait what I would get from blending them together!

Also included in the kit are blending tools including an empty refillable 30 ml bottle for the custom blended fragrance along with droppers, funnel, and lots of tester paper strips. 

How cute are these stickers? The kit also included some decorating stickers and a marker for you to design your very own personal bottle of perfume! What a nice touch!

Let's start blending!

First I prepared the bottles by taking off all the spray caps and took out 3 droppers. I started by adding equal amount of all 3 fragrances into the empty bottle. The scent at this point smells very strong of the Jasmine, so I decided to add more of the Gin & Tonic and Salt Air. 

I tracked the number of pumps by marking it down on paper! The final scent I came down to consists of 24% Jasmine, 33% Salt Air, and 43% Gin & Tonic. Jasmine is still the first scent that you can identified when you smell the blended perfume since jasmine is the strongest on its own. The final scent is floral scent plus a fresh base note which is quite nice.

After mixing I decorated the bottle with the provided cute stickers and I have decided to name my fragrance Boat Party! This name was inspired by the scents Gin & Tonic and Salt Air - party drinking on the ocean! I thought it was quite appropriate, right? 

I enjoyed this fun perfume blending experience and once again thank you Demeter Fragrance Library and Canadian Beauty Bloggers for this opportunity!

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