Galaxy Nails

This was my first time doing galaxy nails and it was easier and quicker than I have imagined!

For the base, I used a black (or almost black) color by Julep and waited for it to completely dry.

Then I ripped a few pieces of the cosmetic sponge to prepare for the color sponging.

For the galaxy colors, I picked mostly metallic polishes in the blue/green/purple color range.

I painted the polish directly onto the ripped sponge and randomly dabbed the color onto the nails. Then I simply repeated with the other colors. I didn't even wait long for the previous color to dry before moving onto the next one!

Once I got the galaxy look I liked, I painted a holographic top coat over the nail. After applying top coat and we are done! Cool right?

Products Used:
Black, Blue, Purple, Teal - Julep
Holo Top Coat - Relvon
Cosmetic Sponge

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