Deborah Lippmann Nude Pink Set

Here's an elegant and sparkly set using nude pink with glitter and nail studs that is very easy to do! This was done by only using the Deborah Lippmann's holiday collection set.

This set came in a cute clear box with snow flakes that move around when you shake it (don't worry, the snow flakes are contained within another compartment and will not make a mess when you open it).

I used the solid nude pink color Modern Love in 2 coats as a base. It applied smoothly and did not leave streaks. Then I sponged on the glitter polish Some Enchanted Evening on the thumb and 4th finger. Sponging on glitter gives a more intense density in way lesser time and layers. I love this trick if I want a dense glitter look.

To finish off the look, I added pinkish silver nail jewel studs on the rest of the fingers and applied top coat.

Products Used:
Deborah Lippmann - Modern Love, Some Enchanted Evening
Nail Jewels
Cosmetic Sponge

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