[Sponsored] Wedding Dress X Nails

I was recently contacted by www.pickweddingdresses.com to do a series of sponsored blog posts for nailart inspired by dresses and of course I took on this exciting project!

Disclaimer: I have not bought dresses from their website and do not know the quality of the dresses or customer service. I am only showing photos of dresses on their website that I think are nice and how they inspire me for my nailart. All photos of dresses are found on their website.

The page we are featuring today is called Hamilton - click HERE to visit the page! The general theme on this page is comfortable and a little more casual in style. This type of dresses is perfect for destination wedding or an outdoor/beach wedding. The dresses here give are more flow-y and easy to move around, which is a good thing since not everyone are looking for the tightly wrapped and stiff look!

This flowy off-shoulder dress looks so romantic and is just perfect for beach weddings. The chiffon material is light enough to be picked up by the sea breeze. However, from looking at it, I am afraid that it will slide down from the boobs at any second! Haha.

Here's another tube style chiffon flowy dress. I think this dress looks timeless and just elegant enough for a summer outdoor wedding. The fit sure does look very comfortable to me and it looks very light weight too!

My nailart was inspired by the dress above. I love how elegant the neckline and shoulder cut are and how there is a peek cut to show the leg! I also like the gold triangle detail at the waist which was the inspiration of the triangle shapes of this manicure.

I first painted the base color and did some triangle swipes using a white and a rose gold polish at the tip of the nail. I then lined the triangles with a gold glitter to make it look more elegant.

Then I used tape as a guide and painted the rose gold on the thumb and 4th finger nails to make the bigger pointed triangles resembling the cut out part from the dress! 

I added a gold nail stud at the tip of the triangle of the 4th finger and lined all seams with the gold glitter. After applying top coat and we are done!

Products Used:
White - OPI
Rose Gold & Gold Glitter - Julep

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