Pumpkin and Dry Brush

Here comes a series of Halloween nailart that I did. This first one is a pumpkin with beige and orange dry brushing technique. Let's start!

I used a nude beige base color and an orange color on the accent nail. This orange polish was by Urban Decay and I think the bottle cap with the skull detail was very appropriate for the Halloween theme!

On the thumb, I painted the orange polish over the beige color to make the top of the pumpkin. After these coats are dried, I used a light brown polish and a tiny brush to outline the pumpkin and also added some lines down the body. And I also added the stem using a darker brown.

On the other beige colored nails, I didn't want to leave them blank so I did some dry brushing with the same orange polish. This was super easy to do, I swiped the brush enough at the bottle opening to make sure there's not too much polish on and then I lightly dragged and painted the orange on to make a dry brush finish vertically and horizontally.

After applying top coat over all the nails and we are done!

Polishes Used:
Beige - Sephora Formula X
Orange - Urban Decay
Light Brown - Essie
Dark Brown - Laura Mercier

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