Moo Moo Cow Nails

How adorable are these moo-moo-cow nails!!? This manicure was actually super easy to make and it would sure make everyone happy!

My base color was a cream polish by Julep. I like using cream color instead of a white polish because it looks a bit softer.

I then used my dotting tools and put some black "clouds" as the spots randomly on the nails. This is very easy to do and it can be messy as well and the results would still be ok!

On the 4th finger, I added a nude pink as the cheek/nose of the cow and then I added the nostrils and eyes using the dotting tool. After adding more black spots on that nail and top coating, then we are done! Easy right? 

Polishes Used:
Cream: Julep
Pink: Daiso
Black: Sasatinnie

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