Orange and 18K Gold Zebra Nails

This is a fancy orange and REAL gold zebra manicure! Yes, the gold glitter is real 18K white gold which I will talk more below. 

For the base colors, I used a combination of orange, white, and gold. I think using 3 colors gives a nice harmonized combo! The gold polish was by Sally Hansen and it had a funny change of shade of the exact bottle from the past. Click HERE for a detailed discussion on how Sally Hansen modified the color slightly of the same shade!

On the orange nail, I used the OPI Mariah Carey 18K white gold glitter polish on top. The glitter in the polish is a combination of white gold in non-uniform sized flakes and silver dust. Click HERE for a full review of this 18K gold glitter polish!

On my 4th finger, I painted some zebra print with same gold polish I used on my middle finger using a small pointy brush. Like some other animal prints, I did these zebra lines randomly and messily and the overall look would still be nice!

Polishes Used:
Orange, White: OPI
Gold Glitter: OPI Mariah Carey 18K White Gold 
Gold: Sally Hansen 485 Golden-I

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