Blue/White/Black Plastic Bag Nails

This was my first time trying to do a plastic bag/saran wrap and it was easier than I thought! On my 4th finger and thumb, I used a white polish as base. 

After the base had dried, I put a few drops of polish randomly straight from the bottle brush in blue, black, and white. Then I simply took a piece of pre-cut plastic wrap and lightly press it onto the wet polish. I think a total of 3 colors gives a really nice effect (one of them being the base color). You can add another layer if you did not like the result from the first time!

On my middle finger, I was excited to try this metallic dark blue by Essie, which was a magnetic polish. However, I did not get the results I was expecting. The pattern did not show up at all... I was holding the magnet really close to wet polish and that is the usual way I do it but it still didn't work!

On the blue polished nails, I finished them the manicure off with some black and white chunky matte glitter and we are done!

Polishes Used:
Blue - China Glaze
Black - Sasatinnie
Metallic Dark Blue - Essie magnetic polish
White - Sephora Formula X
Black and White Glitter - Ardene
Others - Plastic Wrap

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