Sally Hansen Golden-I New Vs. Old

I own the Sally Hansen 485 Golden-I for a few years now and it has been the go-to gold nail polish for me. It has a smooth shiny finish with fine shimmers. It has great pigmentation and dries fast. 2 thin coats can get you a perfect solid gold finish. The color is a true yellow gold tone.

Left: New Golden-I. Right: Old Golden-I.

Lately, I found out that the new bottle of the same shade #485 Golden-I has changed its color. I saw it in store and noticed right away, without even needing to compare the 2 side by side! The new version now is more coppery with a warmer brown tone to it. One can even say it's slightly on the rose gold side. I am 100% sure they have changed the color, not saying that I don't like it, but just a bit confused on why would they do that and use the same number and name of the polish? 

Anyway, the new Golden-I still has the great quality as before and I will keep using it as by go-to gold nail polish. Here are the comparison:

One coat. Left: New Golden-I. Right: Old Golden-I.

Two coats. Left: New Golden-I. Right: Old Golden-I.

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