Pink and White Jelly / Pond Dotticure

I think I was quite late on trying this pond dotticure since I didn't think I have a good jelly polish. However, I found this really sheer polish I got years ago that I seldom use (because it's TOO sheer!) and thought it made a good ponding manicure!!

After a layer of base coat, I put a few white dots in different sizes on the nail, waited for this to dry and then added a layer of the sheer pink. Then I basically repeated this step until I was happy with the result. This took a bit longer than a normal manicure of course due to all the layering. I repeated the layering for 3 times, with dotting white polka dots on top of the last pink layer again, so one can see the most white color of dots. So it was "Dots, jelly, dots, jelly, dots, jelly, dots" and inserting "wait" in between each... haha. 

At the end, a good QUICK DRY top coat would help a lot since all the layering would give a thick total polish stack. I used Seche Vite here. I will keep looking for jelly/sheer polish from my collection and see if I can do this again! It was fun! 

Polishes used:
White: Revlon Top Speed #335
Pink: Unknown from Asia
Quick Dry Top Coat: Seche Vite

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