Feather / Wave Effect with Shades of Green

This was my first time testing out what could I do with the mascara brush and it turned out pretty cool (I think)! I have a few of these disposable mascara wands laying around and decided to give this side-way gradient nailart a go.

First, I planned out the colors I wanted to use. I took out 3 shades of green and painted the mid-toned one all over the nail for a solid base color. This green is by Revlon from their classic line of polish and I always knew they have great quality and very easy to apply to get a nice even color. This was with 2 coats.

Then I used the light shade green by Julep and painted a stroke on one side of the nail. While this was still wet, I took the mascara wand and lightly drag the polish side way towards the center. I only dragged part of the polish, while I didn't touch or mess up the polish at the side edge of the nail. I repeated this with the darker green by Essie (it's almost a black) on the other side of the nail.

For the 2 white nails I simply sponged on some mint green glitter to match the color theme!

  • Use opaque polishes for the mascara brushing as you are expecting to use only 1 coat of them.
  • Use a light hand for the brushing and only brush the very edge of the polish while leaving a good solid color on the side of the nail, to achieve the gradient look.
  • Brushing can be done in a few strokes, so keep brushing until you are happy with the look. 
  • Brush with lighter color first, so you can use the same mascara wand for the darker color while it's dried again.

Try this out and have fun!

Polishes used:
Light green: Julep
Medium green: Revlon
Dark green: Essie
White: Sephora Formula X
Green glitter: Ardene

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