Mint Ice Cream with Chocolate Chips

I can't help but think of mint ice-cream with chocolate chips from this color combination! However, personally I don't really like mint ice-cream haha...

I was trying to capture the true color of this green, see different lighting gives a completely different tone!? This one is under indoor lighting, which looks more pale. It looks more blue-ish under natural light.

I am loving these textured polishes by Gosh! I think I have purchased ALL of the textured glitter polishes from their nail polish line =P They apply so well and dry fast. They last on the nails very well considering there are lots of grainy/glitter in the polish, and the fact that I don't wear a top coat over them. You can use a top coat if you like but then you wouldn't be able to see/feel the texture. 

Polished used:
Green: Julep
Silver: Gosh
Black: Sephora Formula X
Black Glitter: Sephora Formula X 

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