Friday, June 26, 2015

Pink and Burgundy Floral Dotting


I did this floral manicure during the spring cherry blossom season with beautiful sakura blooming at lots of places in town.

The base color is a nice burgundy shade by Nails Inc., which I think was my first bottle of polish that I own from this brand. It is very good in quality which applies nicely with no streaks. It gives a even color each layer! 

For the floral prints, I used a light pink polish and dotted 5 dots for each flower. After that was dried, I used the burgundy polish again and dotted a smaller dot on each of the pink dot, making sure the pink is showing on the outer edge. The burgundy color was not entirely opaque enough as you can see through it a bit. Next time when I am doing this kind of dot-over, I would make sure I use a very opaque color.

I then added a silver jewel at the center of each flower and applied top coat. Cute huh?

Polishes used:
Burgundy: Nails Inc.
Pink: China Glaze
Jewels: Sally Hansen

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Royal Blue and Zebra with Jewels


I felt like something fancy with lots of blings when I was planning for this manicure. This gorgeous royal blue is by Julep and it was quite hard to capture the true color. Shown above was taken under natural day light and all photos below were taken under indoor lighting.

On my middle finger I simply painted half of the nail with grey and half with the blue. After 2 coats of the solid colors, I added the zebra pattern with a black nail striper. I painted the pattern on messily and in wiggle motion for more a natural random look. Some of the black formed a sideway "V" shape.

I then added a line of silver nailart jewels down the center of the middle finger nail to "hide" the seam of the transition of the grey and blue polish, and some on other plain blue nails. After top coating and we are done! 

Polishes used:
Blue: Julep - Danica
Grey: Sephora Formula X
Black Striper: Color Club - Nail Art Club
Jewels: Sally Hansen

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pink and White Glittery Waterfall


It has been a long time making this waterfall style nailart again, which is SUPER EASY to make. The finished manicure looks quite impressive as well while you didn't really need much skills into it! Haha.

I first started with solid color of white and pink. After these are dried, I used a small pointy brush to pick up shades of polishes and striped onto the nail in different lengths to make it look more random. I added the silver polish at the end to make sure the glittery effect can be more obvious. After top coating and we are done!!

Polishes used:
White: OPI
Pink: Sephora Formula X
Silver glitter: Gosh (texture glitter polish which I love!)

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Coral and Nude Floral Stamping


A simple and quick manicure I did here with coral and nude color combo. I usually try to do some stamping if I couldn't think of a nailart to do or if I don't have a lot of time. 

I got this plate from eBay for a couple of dollars and luckily this one works great. I have had some that didn't transfer the stamp patterns properly onto the nails.

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On the fourth finger I used a feathery effect glitter by Nails Inc. It is not a shimmery glitter but a soft solid color of light blue and orange, which is very interesting. 

Polishes used:
Nude/beige: Sephora Formula X
Coral: Sasatinnie
Purple for stamping: Laura Mercier
Glitter: Nails Inc.

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Topbox June 2015 Unboxing

This month I went back to the regular Topbox instead of picking a one-brand "prive box". I think the regular boxes are more fun considering you didn't know what you are getting and there are more new brands to try out.

What I got this month:

China Glaze - Nail Polish in Live Love Laugh
Ok. We all know this would get me the most excited out of all the items in this box! This is an interesting shade of pink which I do not own already. It's in between a hot pink and a bright red. Can't wait to try!

St. Tropez - Self Tan Bronzing Face Lotion
I will need to look up for the proper function of this self tan lotion as it doesn't say on the packaging whether it is a graduate self tan or a one time bronzing makeup. Regardless I enjoy using these self tan lightly in the summer month as I don't like to get a real tan on my face because of the sun damage!

Paula's Choice - Clinical KP Treatment Cloths
This product claims to improve the appearance of little red bumps you get on the arms/back/chest. This is my first Paula's Choice product and I have heard good stuff about this brand. I have never tried wipes like this too and will need to see as I do not have much of the red bumps. But it's nice to make sure your body gets cleaned well too. 

Fruits and Passion - Face Mask
I didn't know Fruits and Passion makes masks and I will put this to good use since I try to have a facial mask everyday, whether it's sheet mask or paste mask. There is also a coupon for an extra sample item if you take it to a Fruits and Passion store with no purchase necessary. I will need to remember to do that!

Other coupons:
Other than the Fruits and Passion coupon, there is a Deborah Lippmann Nail File voucher from Holt Renfrew and a Optimum Bonus Points at Shoppers Drug Mart for St. Tropez purchase of $65 or more. I already got my nail file from Holt Renfrew which has the 4 steps file and buff faces and it looks like this:

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Textured Peach/White/Brown Polka Dots


Peachy spring manicure here which I got quite a few compliments on Instagram for the color combonition! Simple nailart with different sizes of polka dots on my middle and fourth finger. I usually like to use 3 colors for simple nailart like this.

The peach color is a textured polish I got from Ardene. They surprisingly have a big line of nail polishes with different finishes and nice glitter ones! This Sugar Effect one I got applied nicely and it lasted quite well on the nails. However, some one saw it and said this looks like vomit on the nails hahaha..... I didn't use a top coat over the textured polish because that would cover the effect of the texture.

I then added some polka dots with the brown and peach polishes on the white nails in different sizes to get a more random effect.

Polishes Used:
Peach: Ardene
White: Sephora Formula X
Brown: Essie

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ipsy - June 2015 Unboxing and First Impression


What I got this month:

Dr. Brandt Skincare - Pore No More Vacuum Cleaner
I know this brand carries lots of products targeting pores and I have tried their pore minimizing primer which was really good. I am excited to try this blackhead extractor mask and so ready to suck out some dirt out of my skin!!

Pure Brazillian - Miracle Leave-In Conditioner
I have long hair and always appreciate a leave in conditioner. This product is thicker than I expected from a spray, it is like a gel. It smells like baby shampoo which does not linger. I would spray on my hand and rub the product together before applying to my hair, or else it would be too concentrated at one spot in the hair.

SheaMoisture - Shea Butter Lip Crayon
I have never seen this brand before and I am happy to know a new brand that uses less of the harsh chemicals in their products. I got this in "Sarah" which is a berry fuchsia color. It is quite smooth to apply and it feels moisturizing on the lips. I love how it is free of harsh chemical (see packaging on photo). The top swatch was from one stroke, and the bottom was a heavy swatch. It looks like it can be achieve a rich color! However, there is a slight smell of plastic which is quite awkward, but it goes away in a few minutes.

Smashbox Cosmetics - Photo Finish Foundation Primer
I love getting primers from these beauty boxes to try, I think I never have to purchase a full size one since I am collecting so many already haha. Smashbox primers are known to be good and I am sure I will like this one.

tre'StiQue - Mini Shadow Crayon
I have never heard of this brand before. I got this in Aspen Pine which is a military greenish grey/bronze. I think this would be very nice on most people. The top swatch was from one stroke and the bottom was heavily swatched. 

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Pink and Gun Metal Grey Ombre Nails


Here's a simple pink and grey combo with glitter and ombre. After the pink polish had completely dried, I sponged on the metallic grey color on to make the gradient at the tips. This grey color is a nice metallic polish by Essie. Usually I like to use a more opaque polish for sponging on ombre!

For the glitter nails, the polish I used was an old one from Forever 21 which has glitter in a pink color polish. How convenient!? 

Polishes used:
Pink: Clinique
Grey/Silver: Essie
Pink with glitter: Forever 21

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mint Ice Cream with Chocolate Chips


I can't help but think of mint ice-cream with chocolate chips from this color combination! However, personally I don't really like mint ice-cream haha...

I was trying to capture the true color of this green, see different lighting gives a completely different tone!? This one is under indoor lighting, which looks more pale. It looks more blue-ish under natural light.

I am loving these textured polishes by Gosh! I think I have purchased ALL of the textured glitter polishes from their nail polish line =P They apply so well and dry fast. They last on the nails very well considering there are lots of grainy/glitter in the polish, and the fact that I don't wear a top coat over them. You can use a top coat if you like but then you wouldn't be able to see/feel the texture. 

Polished used:
Green: Julep
Silver: Gosh
Black: Sephora Formula X
Black Glitter: Sephora Formula X 

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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Fuchsia Floral Stamping - Revlon Gel Envy


Stamping is considered a lazy manicure when I don't want to think what combination of colors or nailart I want to make. Haha. Here's a simple one color floral stamping nail set. 

I used a fuchsia purple polish as a base. This was my first time trying a polish from this Revlon Gel Envy line. It applies quite nicely and it was easy to control. I used a total of 2 layers to achieve this look. I also used the gel top coat from this line but I didn't think it was anything special!
I then used a black polish for the floral print and positioned the stamp on one side or at opposite corners of the nails! I then finished it off with some silver jewel beads on random spots.
Polishes used:
Purple: Revlon - Up the Ante
Black: Sasatinnie
Jewels: Sally Hansen

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Monday, June 08, 2015

Metallic Blue and Black - Spone-On Glitter


This was my first time trying to sponge on glitter and I can tell you that I might not paint glitter polish from the ordinary brush from the bottle anymore!

Before this, I always just painted the glitter polish directly using the brush from the bottle. This may require a few coats and A LONG TIME to get my desired look. I learned this trick from numerous Instagram videos and knew that I had to try it out.

This technique applies way more glitter with almost not polish since the sponge absorbs the majority of the clear polish and leaving only the good stuff - glitter, onto your nails. This also can pack on more glitter where you want them exactly, meaning you have more control for glitter placement. Also, you can almost go back right away after a coat to add your 2nd or 3rd layer of glitter!

The color combo here might be a little dark, but I had a black base color with some pink and blue small non-shiny glitter. For the rest of my fingers, I have a metallic blue base color with some randomly positioned black jewels to match the black nails!

Polishes used:
Black: Sephora Formula X
Metallic Blue: China Glaze
Blue and Pink Glitter: Nubar
Jewels: Sally Hansen

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