Wedding / Elegant / Special Occasion Nails

I made this set of white pearl french tip elegant nails for a photo shoot because I wanted longer nails for the photos. I didn't want to get a gel or acrylic nail set done because I didn't want my nail beds to get filed, and I would want to change it up right away. So I bought the fake glue-on nails from Daiso along with the decorative pearls and jewels stickers.

The artificial nails set comes in a white french tip and yellowish base. I had to file the tip to round the corners a bit as well as the other end so it fits my cuticle curve nicer. I used a sheer milky soft white polish to paint over the entire nail to cover the yellow color (I put them on my nail wheel with a piece of tape so I could work with them a little easier).

After the polish has completely dried, I simply put the decorative pearly stickers on onto each nail and do a little mix and match! In the morning of my photo shoot I just used the nail glue that came with the set of fake nails to glue them on and that's it! 

  • Make sure the fake nails fit your nail bed, go for a bigger one rather than a smaller one if choosing between the two. 
  • Press on the fake nail when gluing for approximately 30 seconds (at least) to make sure it adheres well.
  • Bring the nail glue out with you when wearing these!


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