Soft Ombre Spring Flowers

I started with a white polish as a base for this manicure then I put some tape around my fingers to protect the skin for the sponging. This trick is super handy so there is no cleaning up required! But it only works if you are sponging the tip of the nail only, since you are not really protecting the back of the nail on the cuticle end.

I used a baby pink and mint green for the soft ombre for the spring season and did a total of 2 layers of sponging. Then I used my tiny brush and painted some grass with different shades of green and added a couple flowers with my dotting tool on the 3rd and 4th fingers and we are done!

I got this OPI white polish thinking it might be some new technology since on the packaging it says "bright color booster base coat". I found out that this polish came out with the neon color polish collection as a base for the neon polishes. But when I put it on, it was just like a white color nail polish. In fact, it chips faster then a normal polish for my ombre nails here. It goes on OK, but you have to use a thicker layer or else it would be streaky. Here I used a total of 2 layers.

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