Dry Brush Technique Spring Colors

I got quite a few questions asking whether these are nail wraps/stickers. Haha. I painted them on with polishes layer by layer inspired by the colors I saw on the Nike sneakers Kobe 9 Elite. Too bad I did not think of taking photos at each step...

After the grey base is dried, I did the dry brushing of colors in the order of teal, yellow, and purple, using the brush that comes with the nail polish. This technique is extremely simple. 

  • Slide the brush off the bottle opening a few times to get the excess polish off
  • Further dry the brush on a piece of paper or tissue.
  • Test out the effect first before applying on your nail.
  • Once you applied the polish, you can drag the polish on the nail by further brushing.
  • Play with different direction of brush strokes to achieve different effects.
  • Have fun!