Black and Red Ombre Nails

Not too shabby for the first time! This was my first attempt for an ombre effect after trying the color combo on a nail wheel. Now I realized I didn't do it correctly. But hey, I think they turned out alright :D

I used a cosmetic wedge shaped sponge for the ombre and did not know that I would need both the red AND black for the sponging. After the red base had dried, I only applied the black polish onto the sponge and then light sponged it on. I did a total of 2 layers of the black sponging. Then I used a matte top coat for a softer effect.

Now that I have tried sponging a few more times, and saw more videos on Instagram, I realized that applying the base color (in this case, red) onto the sponge, as well as the black would make the transition a little smoother. 

Red - Nickak #139
Black - Sephora Formula X


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