Pastel Dry Brush on White

These pastel dry brushing nails are so chic and they are actually very easy to do! Let's start!

I used a white polish as base and painted the nails approximately 3/4 way in close to the cuticles. Then I took the pastel pink, purple, and mint green and started to do some dry brush strokes in both horizontal and vertical directions.

I wasn't impressed by just the pastel colors and I thought there was something missing. So I took a darker glittery pink and lightly dry brushed on top. And I thought that made a more complete look.

Finally I lined the seam with a glitter purple and called it a day!

Polishes Use:
Purple - Julep
Mint Green - Flormar
Pink - CND
Glitter Purple - Color Club
Glitter Pink - Sephora Formula X
White - Collistar

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