Pastel Sponging on Grey

I have been loving doing these sponge-on nails and I am experimenting with different colour combinations. They are super easy to do yet can look quite impressive! This set of pastel colours manicure is perfect of spring time!

For the base, I used a light grey polish. This is the Jelly Look polish by Flormar which is an European brand. The shade is called Light Grey.

For the first layer of sponging, I used a pastel coral color. I just randomly sponged the polish on with a ripped cosmetic sponge.

Then I repeated the sponging with a mint and a pastel yellow polish.

I like to rip out a small piece of sponge and use a pair of tweezers to hold on for the sponging so I am not wasting a large piece!

After applying top coat and we are done! Cute right?

Products used:
Coral - Kiko - 282
Grey - Flormar - Light Grey
Mint - Julep
Yellow - CND - Sun Bleached #165
Cosmetic Sponge

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