CND Rescue Kit Unboxing and First Impression

Disclaimer: The products featured were provided for review.

I recently received a Rescue Kit from CND with a bunch of nail care products which I am super excited to share! It came in a luxury black box with imprints of brands under the Revlon Group. 

What I got in the #CNDRescueKit:

RescueRX - Nail Treatment
This is a nail treatment that you apply on bare nails which contains keratin protein and jojoba oil which can improve peeling, splitting, and white spots. Oh yea! That is what I need! I always get peeling at the edge of my nails and I will be using this every time I have bare nails and I will also be using it around and UNDER the nails (don't forget that part!). I love nail treatments and can't wait to see the healthier results! This product is like a serum and it is not oily at all. I like to apply a thick layer and wait for the nail to soak on it a bit then I massage the nail and cuticle to make sure the it is all absorbed.

SolarOil - Cuticle Oil
I have used this product before as a cuticle oil and I enjoyed it. It absorbs quite quickly and doesn't leave greasy finger prints all over the place. It has a hint of sweet almond scent but it is not strong.

Cuticle Eraser - AHA Cuticle Treatment
An interesting nail and cuticle product with AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids)! I have only seen AHA in skincare and never in a nail product! This is a cuticle cream that does chemical exfoliating as well as moisturizing and preventing hangnails.

ScrubFresh - Nail Cleanser
One of my tricks to have a longer polish lasting power is to clean the nail bed with nail polish remover right before applying any polishes. Now there is a cleanser just for that purpose! Excited to try!

Another one of my tricks: I like using a buffer to buff the tip of the nails lightly (a couple of strokes) before a manicure to extend the life of the polish or to buff down any peeling.

VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat + VINYLUX Weekly Polishes
I also got the top coat and 4 colorful polishes from their VINYLUX line. Yay for 7 free polishes! I only use non-toxic polishes now and I am glad to hear that this line is 7 free. I have swatched a couple of the colors below!

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