Julep April 2016 Unboxing and First Impression

Julep is a nail polish and makeup brand that also does customized subscription boxes. That is, you can pick what you want to be sent to you, how cool is that? 

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What I ordered:

I was most excited about this lip oil since this seems to be the trend with lots of brands coming up with tinted lip oil that is also good for the lips. I already love Julep's matte lip mousses (I have almost all the colors) in the same packaging so I had high hope for this!

I got the color Obsessed and it is the darkest of all 4 lip oils they have now. I knew these oils only have a sheer tint so I went for the darkest one. In the tube it looks like a sheer red oil but it actually swatched to be a nice pink or "my lips but way better" look. It has a light candy scent which reminds me of the Japanese calpico drink!

The lip oil also contains great ingredients that are supposed to be hydrating and nourishing. This makes my lips look so juicy with a pretty pink color and I think juicy lips are great for the warmer months.The oil does not feel greasy or thick on the lips. It wears really comfortably and the tint will stay for a long time!

The application wand is a tapered flat sponge tip and both sides are almost symmetric with one side curves a little more. I just use either side for my bottom lip then I flip it over and use the other side for my top lip. This gives me the perfect amount! 

Here are the 4 colors to choose from.

I also got the roller cuticle oil in this box. This would be my 3rd bottle. I carry this in my purse and use it whenever I remember! This oil absorbs fast and is very moisturizing. This is my favourite on-the-go cuticle oil!

The last item I ordered is the Oxygen Performance Top Coat (all Julep's nail polishes are 5 free and non-toxic). This is my 2nd time ordering this fast drying and long lasting top coat. However, it would be nice if I can see how much is left in the bottle. I ran out without evening knowing it and I didn't have a back up!

What are your favourite items and what do I need to try next time?

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