Thursday, February 25, 2016

Zebra and Purple Holo


Animal prints never get old! I love how these zebra nails turned out. Let's start.

On most of the fingers, I painted the base color almost to the back of the nail but purposely left a gap so there was a bit of bare nail showing. I rimmed the purple holographic polish with a silver glitter in a way that I could "hide" the uneven seam line.

On the white nails, I painted the zebra pattern with a black nail striper. The zebra print is basically squiggly random lines - easy! The result turned out pretty nice huh?

Polishes Used: 
White - OPI
Purple - Julep
Silver/Purple Glitter/Black Striper - Color Club
Essence Express Dry Drops

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Dry Brushing on Grey


Let's do a quick dry brush technique with grey, black, and mint. 

The base colors are by Mineral Fusion and they have really great quality. They are smooth and creamy and set really nice.

For the dry brushing, I started with a black polish. Make sure there is minimal polish on the brush and make light strokes. I like to brush in both vertical and horizontal directions.

Then I repeat the dry brushing with the mint and silver color. Of course, you have to wait for the previous color to dry. 

After applying top coat and we are done!

Polishes Used:
Mint - Julep
Black - Sally Hansen
Grey/Glitter Black/Silver - Mineral Fusion

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Ipsy Feb 2016 Unboxing & First Impression


Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription service that comes with a new makeup bag and 5 beauty sample products for the price of $10 USD/month.

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This month's makeup bag comes in a pixel-squares of a love letter with a heart, which is super cute for this Valentine's Day month! The front face is also textured!

What I got this month:

Smashbox - Photo Finish Primer Oil - 4 ml
I know this is a new-ish product from the brand and I am excited to try this! I use primer product everyday and I like face oil. Smashbox is known to have great primers and I have high hopes for this! It is just like an average oil consistency and it has a slight citrus scent which is almost undetectable. It's interesting that it says to use morning and night so I think this is just like a moisturizing face oil as well.

Chella - Lipstick Pencil in Passionate Pink  - 1.35 g

This is a fuchsia pink color which is very smooth to apply and wears comfortably on the lips. I like it! It has a matte to satin finish. This lip pencil will need to be sharpened.

Naked Cosmetics - Mica Pigment in #05 Sierra Nevada - 1.5 g

This pigment color is described as "espresso brown". It is a great shimmery brown pigment that I think most people can use as more natural shade. There is no sifter in the packaging so be careful while opening this!

Luxie Beauty - Flat Definer Brush 221
I am glad to have this in my bag this month because I like using this type of flat brush for my eyeliner. This size is great for gel eyeliner. I also like using a flat brush to smooth out the edge if I am using a pencil liner. However, I like an angled flat brush and I will need to test this flat version out. 

Jersey Shore - Vanilla Bean Anti-aging Lip & Hand Polish - 1 oz

I am least excited about this scrub because I normally just use any body scrubs for my hands and I think using sugar is good enough for the lip that you do not need to spend extra money to get a product just for scrubbing your lips. But this is the whole point for subscription boxes right? So we can try products that we would not buy.

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Dry Marble with Lavender


When life gives me lemon..., no, when life  gives me CHIPPED NAILS, I make nailart over it!!

I painted this gorgeous looking lavender by Zoya in a couple of coats and waited long enough as my other average nail polishes dry time and went to bed. I woke up with chipped nails! Not impressed! I find that happens to most of my Zoya polishes. I know Zoya is a more non-toxic nail polish brand but I won't be reaching for them if they are not as good as my other non-toxic ones!

Well, I had to rescue this set of nails so I decided to paint over the really chipped ones. I first dropped the black/purple and the same lavender color on the nail, then I lightly pressed on the wet polish using a piece of plastic bag and there we have the dry marble effect! If you don't like the first attempt, you can wait for it to dry and repeat these steps until you are happy!

Not bad huh?

Products Used:
Lavender - Zoya
Purple/Black - Julep
Plastic Bag

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Julep Valentine's Day Unboxing and First Impression


Disclaimer: The products featured were provided for review.

I got a sweet Valentine's Day goodies pack from Julep filled with colorful polishes and makeup! Julep is a nail polish and makeup brand that also does customized subscription boxes. That is, you can pick what you want to be sent to you, how cool is that? Click HERE to check out Julep's website.

I was most excited to see the "It's Whipped" Matte Lip Mousses in this box. I have actually tried them previously and have been wearing them lots this season. Yay for more colors in this range that I already LOVE! These are in a whipped mousse consistency and they goes on smoothly on the lips. A thin layer is very opaque and even. The colors I received were (left to right) "xoxo" and "oh la la".

They are not the ordinary liquid lipsticks that dry and mold your lips. I think we are over that trend now (who likes to have super dry lips with lines and cracks showing!?) They are matte looking but you actually can move and put your lips together and there won't be any flaking, yet your lips still look moisturized with no lines accentuation. That said, they will transfer if you eat or drink, or kiss someone! :P

I actually really like the applicator. I first use the hourglass body to swipe sideways on the bottom lip which fits and wraps the lip perfectly. Then I will use the round tip to line both top and bottom lips. I find the round tip very easy to maneuver and have no problem with it.

The polishes I got from left to right: Lillian, Soleil, Isabela, Hartleigh, Amanda, Alyssa, and Myriam. 

I have been using Julep's polishes for a long time now and love their quality and the fact that they are considered "non-toxic" polishes. Many of the solid colors are actually "one-coat-wonder" - opaque and good enough in just one coat! Here's an simple manicure using the heart shaped glitter "Hartleigh".

There was also a cute nude/sand color clutch with adorable hearts lining. 

What do you think about the Matte Lip Mousses? Would you try them?

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Pink Triangle Blocks with Jewels


This geometric color blocking with pink/black/silver somewhat reminded me of the 80's and the colorful fitness attire!

The base color was this beautiful fuchsia by Zoya. 

I then used a black and a silver polish to make stripes diagonally at the tip of the nail for the bottom "triangles". Once the bottom layer had dried, I went ahead using the silver and black again overlapping the stripes in a different size. I did them a little random because I did not want all of them to look the same. 

Then I lined the thumb and 4th finger with some silver jewels to finish the look!

Products Used:
Pink - Zoya
Black - Cover Girl
Silver - Sally Hansen
Silver Jewels - Sally Hansen

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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Mummy on Burgundy


Scary or cute? You decide! Here's a quick mummy manicure from last Halloween.

The base colors were this gorgeous burgundy with sparkles and a nude on the accent nail.

Then I used the black nail striper and started to paint lines on the nude colored nail. I dotted the eye ball with white.

Then I used the same burgundy color to dot the eyes to make it a little more freaky! After applying top coat and we are done!

Products Used:
Burgundy - Julep
Nude - Nails Inc.
Black Striper - Color Club
White - OPI
Dotting Tool

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Friday, February 05, 2016

Ombre Spooky Trees - David's Tea


I love drinking tea and when I got this David's Tea cup I knew right away I had to do a nailart on the design.

The base colors were a light blue and a dark blue. On the light blue nails, I sponged on the ombre/gradient using the same colors plus a black. As usual, I put tape around the nails to protect the skin from the sponging so I would have minimal clean up to do!

Then I used a black nail striper to draw on the trees. This was actually really easy to do as it did not need to be neat at all.

I also added 2 eyes to complete this Halloween scary night time look!

Products Used:
Light Blue - Nails Inc.
Dark Blue - L'oreal
Black - Sephora Formula X
Black/White Striper - Color Club

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Thursday, February 04, 2016

Jan 2016 Empties and Reviews


There are lots of empty products this month so let's start! 

Tarte - Park Avenue Princess Bronzer
This bronzer has a little gold shimmer but it is not detectable once applied. I really like this bronzer as it blends out smoothly and easily. It lasted well on the skin too! Tarte is one of my favourite makeup brands!

Annabelle - CC Pressed Powder
This powder was not bad. The packaging broke and it was very inconvenient to use so I had to just let it go, plus I still have another exact same one to use!

Urban Decay - Eye Primer
I have been using this eye primer for years now and had used multiple tubes. I love it! I wear eye primer every time I wear eye makeup!

Urban Decay - Black Eye Liner
I liked this liner but the core kept breaking for some reason. It was quite frustrating. The black liner would just fall out in chunks... However, it was a good one and wore nicely without smudging.

Dior - Lip Gloss
I really enjoyed this peachy pink lip gloss. It looked very flattering on me. There is still a little in the tube but it is very old and I had to toss it.

Revlon - Color Stay Foundation
This is a very thick and high coverage foundation. It would make you look like you are wearing lots of makeup. I enjoyed it but it is getting old and I do not go for that high coverage look too often now.

Shu Ueruma - Lip Gloss
This pink lip gloss is very sheer that it would look like clear gloss on the lips. I prefer more color if I am applying a lip gloss. But it wears quite comfortably.

Nubar - Cuticle Oil
I really enjoyed this cuticle oil and I already have a back up in use. I like that it comes in a dropper for easy and clean application.

ELF - Crease Brush
This eye crease brush is nice and the size is perfect for adding eyeshadow in the crease. However, it is getting old and bits of glue are coming off so I have to toss it.

Revlon - Uniq One All in One Hair Treatment
I use this product before I blow dry my hair. It comes in a spray bottle but I first spray onto my palm and spread it through the hair. I think it somewhat made my hair smoother after styling but it was hard to tell if this was actually working.

L'occitane - Hand Cream
I love this shea base hand cream and it is very thick. I like it for the winter months and it kind of smell like baby powder.

Boscia - Luminizing Black Mask
This is a peel off mask. I did not like this mask as I did not really see a difference. It is also very harsh on the skin when you are peeling it off - it was almost painful!

Estee Lauder - Eye Cream
I quite enjoyed this eye cream it had a gel texture and it smoothed out nicely on the skin.

B.Kamins - Acne Face Wash
This face wash does not foam/lather up at all so I felt a bit weird and was not sure if it was working or not. It made my skin a bit dry right after too as it is an acne product.

Shiseido - Eye Serum
I liked this eye serum as it is light and easy to absorb.

Elizabeth Arden - Ceramide Caplet Serum
I enjoyed this serum as this is very light weight. The caplets also adds a little glow to the skin!

Ahava - Dead Sea Moisture and Radiance Boosting Serum
I quite enjoyed this serum as it was nice and hydrating. However, I did not see too much of the radiance boosting.

Olay - Regenerist Wrinkle Serum
I enjoyed this anti-aging serum it has a light texture and was easy to absorb. 

Sunday Riley - Luna Oil
So I got a mini size from a set at Sephora since I heard so much good things about it. This blue oil has a weird smell. It smells like rubber tires to me. I actually did not see a significant difference from this oil maybe I only had a small bottle to try. I do not see what is with all the hype!?

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