Nov 2015 Empties and Reviews

I have gathered my product empties of the month and some products that I am tossing away either because they are too old or I would just never use. Below is a list of mini reviews of each!

Nail Polishes
First of all, I did some cleaning up of my nail polish collection and tossed out the ones that were super old or dried up. There were some that I would never use because I already have better alternatives or they were too sheer. It was really hard to part with some of these nail polishes. :(

Quo Nail Polish Remover
I use acetone-free polish remover most of the time because it is a bit better and less drying for my skin and nail. However, it does not remove polish as fast as the ones containing acetone. I have already repurchased another one of these.

Benefit - Benetint
I got this a long time ago and I kept this in my purse as a quick blush touch up that can be done with fingers only. There are still some product left but it is just getting too old.

Almay - Smart Shade Anti-aging Concealer
This concealer comes out greyish white and it changes color as you spread it out. I did not enjoy the final color on my skin which looks a bit too dark. But this concealer is nice for having a SPF of 20. This tube is still almost full but I never use it and had it for a long time so I am tossing it out.

Origins - GinZing Eye Cream
I think I got this sample size from one of my subscription boxes. It claims to brighten and depuff. This reminds me of Benefit's Puff Off eye cream with the same texture and color. It is nice but the results are not dramatic enough to be noticeable.

Ayres - Hand Cream
I got this hand cream from my Oct Ipsy bag and I really enjoyed this. It is thick enough for the cold weather but it is not greasy. It has a light essential oil scent which is quite nice.

Dolly Wink - Black Liquid Eyeliner
I really like this brush tip liquid liner. The brush tip is super tiny that is perfect for my wing! It also stays nice without flaking or smudging through out the day.

Urban Decay - 24/7 Black Liquid Eyeliner
This eyeliner is really black and it applies nicely at the beginning. However, it flaked off half way through the day leaving some nude patches on my eyeline...

Glam Glow - Exfoliating Mask
I got this from one of my subscription boxes when Glam Glow just started to get famous. I like this tingling mud mask because it leaves my skin feeling smoother afterwards. It might be a bit intense for people with sensitive skin because it really tingles when you have this on. This mud mask can dry out fast in the pot so I would suggest using it faster or getting the smaller pot. But if it really dries out, you can add a little water and try to work it back to a paste then apply onto your face. I like the thirsty mud mask from this brand better since I can see a real different on how my skin look more moisturized.

Soap and Glory - The Fab Pore Exfoliating Mask
This is a creamy white mask with some blue beads which will pop when you massage it onto your face. Then you are supposed to leave it on your skin for 5 min before rinsing off. I did not see a significant different for my skin after using this. I am glad that I got this on clearance because I do not think this is worth the retail price.

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