Dry Brushing with Teal & Black

Here's a simple teal, white and black combo with dry brushing! I love this color combination and I got a few compliments of this simple set of manicure on Instagram!

For the base color, I simply used 2 coats of polishes of all of these colors and waited for the white nail to be completely dry. 

I then started dry brushing on the white nail using the teal color first. I made sure the brush was dry enough by dabbing and gliding the brush on a piece of paper. I made strokes in both vertical and horizontal directions.

I then did the same with a black and a silver polish. I find that using 3 colors gives a little more dimension to the finish, especially using a metallic color like silver.

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This textured glitter is a gorgeous multi-dimensional glitter consists of silver, teal, black, with a dark teal/black base! I am loving these textured glitter polish by L'oreal. They wear really nice considering I don't use a top coat over them because that would put the texture into waste.

Polishes Used:
White: OPI - Alpine Snow
Textured Glitter: L'oreal - 141 Hidden Gems
Silver: Sally Hansen - 850 Pumping Iron
Black: Formula X
Teal: Julep

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