Colorful Bubbles using Cotton Buds

This was my first time testing out this cotton bud Q-tip method! It was easier and quicker that I thought! 

I used a pale lime color as a base for I wanted to have a light color base to show the bubble effect. This was a nice pale yellow/lime polish by Cover Girl and I used a total of 2 coats to achieve this. This Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brilliant polish is very nice considering its from the drugstore. It applies very smoothly and creamy without streaks!

I then have the cotton bud ready with some nail polish remover poured out into the cap. To make the bubbles, I randomly dotted some orange polishes directly using the brush from the bottle. Letting that sit on the nail for a few seconds, I then used the cotton bud that was wetted with nail polish remover to dot away the center of the orange blob. This does not have to have super quick or rush because we do not need the polish to stay wet, we are simply using nail polish remover to remove the center portion.

Then I repeated using other colors almost right after the previous bubbles because you don't really need to wait for the previous layer to be completely dry.

You can pick any color combo you like and after topping coat then we are done!

Polishes Used:
Lime: Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brilliant
Orange: Pure Ice
Purple: NYC
Gold: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear

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