Purple Gradient and Floral with Jewels

I received lots of compliments on this manicure on Instagram and I think this is an absolutely cute and girlie set of purple nails!

On the gradient nails, I first put a piece of tape around the finger so I could have minimal clean up to do. On a solid light lilac base, I sponged on the 3 purple colors from lightest to darkest at the tip. I did a total of 2 coats of sponging.

I then painted a fine silver glitter over the gradient!

On my 3rd and 4th fingers, I dotted the flower paddles with a dark purple and a shimmery metallic purple. I then put some polka dots on the rest of the nail as a background. On the center of each flower,  I added a silver jewel to complete the flower. 

Polishes Used:
Lilac - Revlon
Medium Purple - Laura Mercier
Dark Purple - Kinetics
Metallic Purple - Sephora Formula X
Jewels - Sally Hansen

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