Pink and Purple Stamping/Ombre/Textured Nails

Here's a manicure of with lots going on - ombre sponging, two-tone stamping, textured polish, and glitter. It sounds like a complicated one but it was super easy do! With a base of pale pink, I stamped on some floral pattern on the 2nd and 4th finger. I used 2 colors on the stamping plates and love the result of the two-tone stamping!

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On the thumb and the 3rd finger, I simply used a textured glitter polish in 2 coats. This gorgeous dark blue-ish purple polish is by L'oreal. I am loving these textured polish at the moment!

On the pinky, I sponged on some pink and purlple polishes matching the rest of the color and then added a fairy dust fine glitter. It turned out very nice and it reminded me of a popsicle! I was super excited that I saw a bush on the street with the same tones of pink and purple matching this manicure!

Polishes Used:
Pale Pink - NYC
Dark Pink - Nails Inc.
Purple - Kinetic
Textured Purple - L'oreal
Glitter - Revlon Transforming Effects

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