Friday, August 28, 2015

Metallic Green Leopard Nails


Here's a shiny metallic green and silver with offset leopard print! These turned out to be quite soft and neutral looking.

The green is by Revlon from their Parfumerie line which has a hint of mint scent. It is a metallic soft medium green with some shiny round green glitter in it. It is quite sheer and would definitely need at least 2 coats to achieve this color. I painted another green underneath to make sure I could get a solid color. 

I used a silver polish on the middle finger just to have a little variety. On that finger, I drew some leopard print off to one side with the same green polish. On the index finger, I used the silver polish to make the random leopard dots so there's a matching contrast.

Then I used a dark brown polish with a small brush to messily outline the leopard prints. I used a dark brown instead of a black because I wanted a more neutral tone finish.

Polishes Used:
Green: Urban Outfitters & Relvon 
Silver: Sephora Formula X
Dark Brown: Laura Mercier

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Purple Gradient and Floral with Jewels


I received lots of compliments on this manicure on Instagram and I think this is an absolutely cute and girlie set of purple nails!

On the gradient nails, I first put a piece of tape around the finger so I could have minimal clean up to do. On a solid light lilac base, I sponged on the 3 purple colors from lightest to darkest at the tip. I did a total of 2 coats of sponging.

I then painted a fine silver glitter over the gradient!

On my 3rd and 4th fingers, I dotted the flower paddles with a dark purple and a shimmery metallic purple. I then put some polka dots on the rest of the nail as a background. On the center of each flower,  I added a silver jewel to complete the flower. 

Polishes Used:
Lilac - Revlon
Medium Purple - Laura Mercier
Dark Purple - Kinetics
Metallic Purple - Sephora Formula X
Jewels - Sally Hansen

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Topbox August 2015 Unboxing and First Impression


Topbox is a Canadian monthly subscription with 4 selected beauty products for $12 CAD a month, plus tax and NO shipping costs.

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What I got this month:

Benefit Cosmetics - Gimme Brow in Medium/Deep
I already have this Gimme Brow and I don't use it enough. It is a brown color brow gel with a pointy brush tip. I usually powder or pencil my brows in and this would be the extra add-ons on fancy makeup days. I would rather only use powder than just using this on my brows, since using the Gimme Brow only does not "give me enough brow", haha! My existing one is getting dried up and its nice to have a back up!

Ceramic Glaze - Nail Lacquer in Mermaid's Tale
Yay for nail polish! This is a peacock blue color but it is quite sheer. I might try this for a ponding dotticure. Another thing is I sometimes get confused thinking this brand is China Glaze...
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TRESemme - Wave Creation Sea Foam Mousse
I think this is an extra item in everyone's box this month. I have never seen this product and I think this is a brand new mouse from the brand. I like using mousse for overnight curls sometimes and would definitely try this out!

Be a Bombshell - Eyeshadow in Madrid
This is a nice everyday neutral color eye shadow quad! I received the teal version of this quad from a previous subscription and the quality is pretty nice and smooth! I am glad that I got this neutral one that I can use more often!

Model Co - Shine Ultra Lip Gloss
First thing I noticed from this gloss was it had a mirror on the tube!! I love it and it will be a great purse add-on! This is a almost clear-color gloss with silver shimmers. It is quite comfortable on the lip and it SMELLS LIKE CANDY!!! I really like the scent of this and can't stop smelling it, haha. But the smell goes away within minutes and it does not have a taste which is nice. It is also quite shiny. 

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Colorful Tips with White Polka Dots


This is a super easy manicure with colorful french tips and white polka dots on top!

For the colored tips, I simply free-handed the polish at the tip of the nails using a different polish color on each finger. The colors I chose were more soft and baby-ish so it kind of resembled a Easter theme!

After I got a solid color finish of tips I then put some small white polka dots all over the nail and applied top coat. Simple!

Polishes Used:
Orange / Teal: Nails Inc.
Purple: Laura Mercier
Yellow: CND Vinylux
Blue: Sally Hansen
White: Wet'n Wild

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Orange and 18K Gold Zebra Nails


This is a fancy orange and REAL gold zebra manicure! Yes, the gold glitter is real 18K white gold which I will talk more below. 

For the base colors, I used a combination of orange, white, and gold. I think using 3 colors gives a nice harmonized combo! The gold polish was by Sally Hansen and it had a funny change of shade of the exact bottle from the past. Click HERE for a detailed discussion on how Sally Hansen modified the color slightly of the same shade!

On the orange nail, I used the OPI Mariah Carey 18K white gold glitter polish on top. The glitter in the polish is a combination of white gold in non-uniform sized flakes and silver dust. Click HERE for a full review of this 18K gold glitter polish!

On my 4th finger, I painted some zebra print with same gold polish I used on my middle finger using a small pointy brush. Like some other animal prints, I did these zebra lines randomly and messily and the overall look would still be nice!

Polishes Used:
Orange, White: OPI
Gold Glitter: OPI Mariah Carey 18K White Gold 
Gold: Sally Hansen 485 Golden-I

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Yellow and Green Holographic Glitter Nails


This manicure features the yellow-ish green holographic polish by Butter London called Trustafarian. 

From the photo above, you can see that it is a bit sheer to be used on its own in my opinion. The photos were from 1 to 4 coats. If I were to use this again, I would first use a similar color as a solid base then maybe put 1 or 2 coast over it. Other than that, it is a very unique color with fine glitter! It is only "somewhat" holographic which is not very noticeable.

On the 2nd and 5th fingers, I put some black polka dots on a cream yellow polish. I also topped the greenish nails with the matching shade of yellow chunky glitter. On the 4th nail, I simply used a silver/black glitter and painted all over the nail.

Polishes & Tools Used:
Green - Butter London in Trustafarian
Yellow - CND Vinylux
Black - Cover Girl
Silver Glitter & Yellow Glitter - Sephora Formula X
Tools - Dotting Tool

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Blue/White/Black Plastic Bag Nails


This was my first time trying to do a plastic bag/saran wrap and it was easier than I thought! On my 4th finger and thumb, I used a white polish as base. 

After the base had dried, I put a few drops of polish randomly straight from the bottle brush in blue, black, and white. Then I simply took a piece of pre-cut plastic wrap and lightly press it onto the wet polish. I think a total of 3 colors gives a really nice effect (one of them being the base color). You can add another layer if you did not like the result from the first time!

On my middle finger, I was excited to try this metallic dark blue by Essie, which was a magnetic polish. However, I did not get the results I was expecting. The pattern did not show up at all... I was holding the magnet really close to wet polish and that is the usual way I do it but it still didn't work!

On the blue polished nails, I finished them the manicure off with some black and white chunky matte glitter and we are done!

Polishes Used:
Blue - China Glaze
Black - Sasatinnie
Metallic Dark Blue - Essie magnetic polish
White - Sephora Formula X
Black and White Glitter - Ardene
Others - Plastic Wrap

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ipsy August 2015 Unboxing and First Impression


This month's theme is back to school with a houndstooth patterned makeup bag which I think is super cute!!

Hikari Cosmetics - Lip Gloss in Salsa
I got this in a pinky red color and I am loving it since I do not have much lip glosses in this shade. This is really pigmented with one swipe that you do not need to re-dip into the product. It is quite comfortable on the lips too. It has a shiny finish but it is not a stain, so it will easily come off. One side note is, it smells like rubber when first applied, but the smell goes away almost instantly. Overall I like it!

Beauty Without Cruelty - Leave-in Conditioner
I always enjoy these leave-in hair products because my hair is quite long and I appreciate any additional treatment or hydration. This is a white cream product that it suggests applying to clean damp hair. I love the scent of essential oil that it has and will definitely use this before blow drying my hair!

Swissco - Soft Touch Slant Tweezers
This is a pair of pink tweezers with slanted tip. I have tried it and it grips hair really well.

City Color Cosmetics - HD Powder
I use face powder multiple times a day and will definitely enjoy this product! I have never tried an HD powder before and I am excited to see what it does! On my hand it is very smooth and very finely milled. However, since it is white, it will show up white in your lines if you use too much. PS. I put the tweezers in good use to remove the plastic wrap on this!

Starlooks - Luxe Longwear Eye Liner Pen
I got this in black which I am glad! This is a felt tip liner and is very easy to use. You only need one stroke to achieve a solid black line. It dries quite quickly and will not rub off!!! I am very impressed! LOVE!

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Pink and Purple Stamping/Ombre/Textured Nails


Here's a manicure of with lots going on - ombre sponging, two-tone stamping, textured polish, and glitter. It sounds like a complicated one but it was super easy do! With a base of pale pink, I stamped on some floral pattern on the 2nd and 4th finger. I used 2 colors on the stamping plates and love the result of the two-tone stamping!

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On the thumb and the 3rd finger, I simply used a textured glitter polish in 2 coats. This gorgeous dark blue-ish purple polish is by L'oreal. I am loving these textured polish at the moment!

On the pinky, I sponged on some pink and purlple polishes matching the rest of the color and then added a fairy dust fine glitter. It turned out very nice and it reminded me of a popsicle! I was super excited that I saw a bush on the street with the same tones of pink and purple matching this manicure!

Polishes Used:
Pale Pink - NYC
Dark Pink - Nails Inc.
Purple - Kinetic
Textured Purple - L'oreal
Glitter - Revlon Transforming Effects

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Rose Gold and White Leopard Nails


I have been eyeing this rose gold polish by L'oreal for a while and finally picked it up. It is from the Freida's line #350 Freida's Nude. It is a beautiful copper / rose gold metallic color that dries quickly. You know how some metallic polishes could be hard to apply and would be bumpy? This doesn't do that! It is so smooth even in thin layers.

After 2 coats of the rose gold polish, I painted some patches with a white polish directly from the brush from the bottle. I randomly painted different sizes and shape because leopard print is never uniform anyway!

I then used my Color Club black nail striper to messily outline the white patches, leaving some gaps around each outline. I paint the leopard pattern all over the 3rd and 4th finger nails but left some space on the rest of the nails to avoid a too crowded look. 

After applying top coat then we are done! As I always say, leopard print nails are super easy to do and yet look quite impressive!

Polishes Used:
Rose Gold: L'oreal in Freida's Nude
White: OPI
Black Striper: Color Club
Matte: Essie (Did not use - I tried this on one nail and decided to leave the others shiny!)

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