Pink and Gold Textured Crown Tips

A simple girlie pink manicure playing with textured polishes again! I am so obsessed with these textured polishes! Don't you think they look so nice and fun!? They also last on the nail quite well surprisingly considering I do not use a top coat with these because a layer of top coat over would smooth them out and you wouldn't be able to feel the texture.

This pink/coral polish is by Julep and it certainly looks pink under natural lighting. But I still want to think it is a coral pink since it's very coral to me in the bottle and in indoor lighting.

I simply added a zig-zag tips on the pink polish with a small angled brush using the gold and pink textured glitter polishes. I went back for a second layer since I wanted a more intense color. Then I used a dotting tool and added dots on each angle to complete the crown look. Done!

Polishes used:
Coral/Pink: Julep
Gold and Pink Glitter: Gosh

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