Ombre Heart Stamping with Orange and Gold

This is a bright orange/white/gold manicure that was super fun to do! I started with plain white polish, and gold glittery polish on the thumb and fourth finger. This white polish was by Revlon and it is from the Top Speed line but I did not notice a quicker than normal drying time. However, it is still a nice creamy polish that's opaque in 2 coats!

For making a perfect heart shape, I folded a piece of tape in half and cut the heart out by cutting one side of the heart, so when I unfolded the tape I got a perfectly symmetrical heart! Then I put the tape over the middle finger and sponged on the gradient of orange and gold polishes. 

A tip for using any tape for nail art is to stick the tape onto your skin at the beginning to make the tape less sticky So when you are pulling the tape off the nail after your nail art, the tape will not destroy the base polish. It could pick up the pick polish if the tape was too sticky.

On the other white nails, I added some orange chunky glitter to match the orange theme. I also added some neon orange jewels onto the gold nails!

Polishes Used:
White: Revlon Top Speed
Gold: Sally Hansen, Maybeline
Orange: Urban Outfitters
Orange Glitter: Sephora Formula X
Nail Jewels: Forever 21

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