Matte Blue with Ripped Sponging

A soft matte blue with grey and dark blue sponging which is very easy to do yet quite impressive looking (I think!). I first started with two coats of the pastel blue as a base color, which is a gorgeous creamy polish by Sally Hansen X-treme line. I think this line is really good in quality out of the drugstore range! They are easy to apply and level out themselves nicely without streaks.

For the sponging, I ripped a small piece out from a sponge and painted some grey on the uneven face of the sponge. Then I lighted sponged that on random places on the nail. And I repeated this with the darker grey and dark blue. 

After letting all these dry, I used the Revlon matte top coat to finish it off. However, it didn't turn out as matte as I would like... I searched for reviews on this matte top coat and found out that you have to use a very thin layer to achieve a more matter finish. So I didn't think this matte top coat is worth the hassle and I will keep searching for a better matte top coat!

Polishes used:
Baby Blue: Sally Hansen X-treme
Grey: Joe Fresh, Sally Hansen - Big Smoky Top Coat
Dark Blue: (forgot the name, got this from one of my subscription boxes. Click HERE for subscription box reviews!)
Matte Top Coat: Relvon

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