Textured Burgundy and Nude Nails - OPI Liquid Sand

I have been loving textured nail polishes lately and every time I see one in the color that I don't already have, I can't resist myself from "collecting" it!!! :P 

Check out this gorgeous OPI Liquid Sand in Versper, a burgundy color textured polish! It goes on nicely and you can wear 2 coats for a more purple look or go for a 3rd coat like what I did here for a close-to-black burgundy color. I really like the color at 2 coats and I will wear that next time! Surprisingly this lasted really well on the nail considering it is a grainy/sandy polish.

For this manicure, I paired this color with a nude and added the OPI Liquid Sand on the tips and added some small polka dots with lines. And we are done!

  • The texture show up more when it is dryer or completely dry.
  • Do not use a top coat over textured polishes or else the sandy finish will disappear.

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