Purple and Black Stripes

This was my first time experimenting with using the nailart tape for the random stripes effect. I started with the bright purple as a base color and then added the tape in random layout. I painted an opaque black polish over it so I only needed one coat. Try it out! It is quite fun and the it gives a cool looking finish!

Tip and Tricks:
  • Use contrasting colors.
  • Paint a clear coat over the bottom color and wait for it to be completely dry, before using the tape. This is a very important step because I didn't use a top coat at first, and when I lifted the tape after I painted the black, the purple polish came off with the tape and the manicure is ruined...
  • Lift the tape when the top color is still wet (black in this case), do not wait for it to dry.
  • Try to remember the order of the tape you put down, and remove them in reverse order.

Polishes used:

Purple: Julep
Black: Cover Girl
Black glitter: Sephora Formula X