Using Stickers for Nailart

 There are lots of tools around your home for creating nailart! Here I was trying to see what I can make with these colorful stationery stickers. I used a pair of zigzag edge scissors to cut a circle sticker down the middle and put them onto the red polished nail. Then I used a contrasting gold polish and painted a thick layer on.

 For the other those fingers, I just used the entire circle and stick them on one side, as a guideline of the curved side stroke of gold polish. Easy!

  • Wait for the base color to be completely dry before putting the sticker on. If needed, a fast dry clear coat can be used.
  • Press the sticker firmly down to avoid any gaps between the sticker and the nail.
  • Use an opaque top color.
  • Peel off the sticker right away after applying the top color.

Red - Nickak #139 (gorgeous deep red, opaque in ONE coat!!)
Gold - Sally Hansen #485 Golden-I