Purple Heart & Polka Dot Nails

Cute purple manicure perfect for Valentines Day (or any day, 'coz why not?)!

I went for the middle and ring finger only for the heart design because it would be a little too busy if I did it on all the nails. After waiting for the light purple polish to be complete dry, I painted the dark purple directly with the brush to create the heart shape. I angled the heart a little off to one side at the corner of the nail instead of a straight up centre heart. This does not have to be neat as we are going to outline the heart with another polish. Then I picked a lighter color, silver, for the outline.  

Then I just added some tiny polka dots on the rest of the nail to make it extra cute! I also added a purple jewel on the other fingers with the darker purple because I didn't feel like having plain color nails :D  On my thumb, I decided to go an extra mile with jewels lined up like a shoot star! 

Dark Purple - Kinetics
Light Purple - Forever21
Silver - Sephora Formula X