Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Grey and Gold Nails Using Stationery Stickers

A simple french tips nails with grey base and gold tips. I used the hole reinforcing stickers from the stationery department to make the curve at the tip!

However, the line didn't come out very crisp. I would be better off if I had freehanded the curve. I normally just freehand the french tip, or make a straight stroke from the side toward the center for a pointy tip, but I thought I would try this trick. 

I think the material of the sticker matter as well, these paper ones do not bend so well on the nails and might leave gaps between the nail and the sticker. I might need to try with some plastic ones next time!


  • Wait for the base color to be completely dry before sticking anything on, or the sticker will pick up the base color and ruin the painted polish. 
  • Press the edge of the sticker around the side of your nails, so no polish would try to sip into any gaps, for a cleaner look.
Grey, gold - Sephora Formula X

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