Furry / Fluffy Nails

This manicure was done a while back after a trip to Asia where I picked up a few nailart tools and goodies. I paired the white dust with a coral nail color. You can basically use any base color but here I chose one that would show a bit more of a contrast for the white dust. 

These fluffy dust come in all different colors and they are very fine and tiny, which reminds me of those fibre you find in the fibre mascara that all brands are coming up with! I was really intrigue while I first saw these and could not wait to try them on my nails. 

After the base color had dried, I painted the tip of my nails with a clear top coat and then dipped my nail tip directly into the pot to let the dust to stick onto the wet polish. That basically gave an even coat of dust on the tip. I lightly pressed onto the dust to make sure they are nicely adhere to the nail, then I shook my finger a bit to get the excess off.

This effect was so pretty and I was very impressed until I washed my hands and got it all wet! The white fluffs also turn grey almost right away! Imagine all the hand washing, soap, and hand cream getting stuck on them, eeeekk! So basically this manicure was only good for the first 20 min, which was enough time for me to take some impressive photos. Haha.  I have never used these fluffy dust for nailart anymore after that...