DIY Matte Nails Using Steam

I was checking and stirring my big pot of chicken soup one day while in the middle of a manicure and found out that my freshly painted nails (within a few minutes) turned matte from the steam! I thought I have discovered a NEW trick and was super excited about this! But it turns out that this trick is nothing new and it’s all over Google -_-

After steaming
If you do not own a matte top coat and would like to try having matte nails, just put your freshly painted nails comfortably above the steam. Be careful and do not get burnt. You don’t need to be real close to achieve this, I had my hand at a good distance which it still felt comfortable from the heat, when I accidentally discovered this trick.

Try it out and good luck!

Dark Burgundy - Revlon - #245 Seductive
Deep Red Glitter - Essie - Toggle to the Top