April 2015 Topbox Unboxing & Review

What I got this month (>50% review):

LA Splash - Diamond Lipgloss
This is a bright fuchsia pink color gloss with LOTS of shimmers in it. I usually don't wear glosses with that much shimmer as I don't feel like swallowing any... haha. Also, some shimmery gloss can feel quite gritty/grainy on the lips. We shall see!

Refresh Botanicals - 4-step  Makeup Remover, Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer
Foil package products... Usually these are only for one time use and you can't really determine whether you like it or not. But I will be throwing these into my gym bag or saving them for upcoming short trips. Botanical sounds nice to me, they contains cucumber extract and cornflower... all the good stuff!

Matrix - Smooth Setter
This is a hair smoother cream you  apply on damp hair before blow drying. I have already tried it once, but my hair is not too crazy out of control, so I wasn't able to tell if it added extra smoothness. I am glad to get this since I don't have anything similar.

Sweet Pea Soap Company - Mango Papaya Soap
Soap with natural ingredients? Give it to me right now! This soap smells nice, but its not THAT fruity as you would expect from the name "Mango Papaya". I have used this already and it works nice just like a normal soap, it lathers up less than usual, but that doesn't bother me. But the soap gets really soggy and soft in the shower, probably because of the high content of natural ingredients. Not bad overall!

Hawaiian Tropic - Sunscreen SPF30
I always like sunscreens and I apply them religiously. I have tried this already and it absorbs quickly and doesn't leave any trace of greasy feeling. It also has a light scent which goes away quickly. Like it!

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